Dr. Hauschka Cosmetic Sponge

Size: 1pce

This soft sponge can be used to remove masks and make-up or can be enjoyed in the bath with our body washes.



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Product benefits

  • Easily removes masks or make-up
  • Excellent for use in the shower or bath with our body washes
  • Made from unbleached cotton cellulose, this cleansing sponge is ideal for cleansing with Clarifying Clay Mask and removing make-up with Soothing Cleansing Milk.


  • Moisten the Cosmetic Sponge before using it to make it swell. The porous fiber allows for quick drying, keeping it hygienic.
  • You can wash the Cosmetic Sponge in the washing machine at 60 C.

How its made

  • Made from natural cellulose fibres.

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