Oral B 3D Whitening Treatment Luxe Kit

Size: 150ml

This  2 step whitening kit from Oral B helps remove stains for whiter teeth. Brush with Step 1 to brighten your smile by removing up to 100% of surface stains in  just 3 days. Brush with Step 2 to create a protective layer around the teeth t0 preserve them from everyday staining agents.




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  • Enamel safe teeth whitening
  • 3D White Luxe Perfection Toothpaste 75ml
  • 3D White Luxe Whitening Accelerator 75ml
 How To Use
  • Step 1:  Brush teeth using Oral B 3D White Luxe Perfection Toothpaste
  • Step 2:   Brush with Oral B Whitening Accelerator

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