SOSU Eye Voltage Amplify Lashes & Brows

Size: 1pack

Are you ready to turn up the volume?! Our new SOSUbySJ Eye Voltage Lash Collection is designed to create maximum volume with a lightweight feel, perfect for any occasion!



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With super soft 3D luxury fibres and a jet black curved lash band to intensify, giving you a killer Eye Voltage look to slay your everyday glam!

How to use

  • Trim the lash to fit your eye
  • Apply a thin layer of SOSUbySJ eyelash adhesive along the curved lash band
  • Allow the adhesive to become tacky for 20-30 seconds before applying
  • Using a SOSUbySJ tweezers, apply Lashes & Brows onto eyelid as close to the lah roots as possible
  • Press gently along the lash band starting from the centre of the eyelid outwards into the corners to secure
  • To remove gently peel away from the eyelid, remove excess adhesive and place Lashes & Brows back into lash tray for reuse

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